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Week View - view a seven day schedule for a single staff member
Week View - view a seven day schedule for a single staff member

See a week of bookings per staff member and switch between staff members

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View a week's schedule for a single staff member


Here is how you can view seven day schedule for a single staff member

  • Click the "Staff View" button in the top right of your calendar to surface the list of your team members:

  • Click on any staff member to bring up their week's schedule:


Navigating within week view

To view another week, simply click the date at the top of the calendar to surface the pop-out "date picker" and select the week you want to view:

Create a booking from Staff view

Click in a spare slot in the calendar on any day and this will start the process of creating a booking for you while in the staff view

Navigating out of Staff view

There are several options for returning to day view:

  • Click on the day "Today" button to return to the day view showing all stylists today

  • To go to the day view of a specific date, simply click on the top of a column in the date area and you will arrive on this date, showing all stylists:

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