Online booking is a great way to attract new clients, fill last minute empty slots, and drive higher visit frequency from existing clients - because booking online is so much easier! 

Here are 10 reasons why online booking with Slick is the way forward for your business!

  1. Accept bookings 24/7 - 50% of online bookings through the Slick platform are made outside of salon opening hours - just goes to show when clients prefer to book!

  2. Fill last minute slots - 1 in 3 online bookings are made for an appointment within the next 2 days!

  3. Complete customisation - you can select which stylists and services you want (or don't want) to be bookable online, and which days you're happy to accept online bookings. So if don't want Colour Services or your Junior Stylist to be bookable online, that's totally fine! You can also choose how far in advance you'd like to accept bookings online and on which days.

  4. Service Description: Add descriptions to help your clients book the right service

  5. Text message notifications - Whenever a customer books online, they will receive a text confirming the date and time, and you can opt-in to receive a text notification too so you know when bookings are coming in, even if you'rre not in the salon!

  6. Instant sync with live availability - Slick automatically syncs with your live availability, so no double bookings! New online bookings automatically appear in your calendar (instantly - there's not even a 30sec delay!) along with a notification in your activity feed, so you're always up to date!

  7. Prompt to book a patch/allergy test - You can select which services require a skin test before and Slick will automatically prompt customers to book in a patch test slot at least 48 hours before their appointment with you

  8. Prompt for finishing service - For any services that have development time (such as highlights or colouring) Slick ensures that customers have to book their cut & blowdry or blowdry afterwards. You can add a "Free rough dry" if you want a £0 charge option.

  9. Stylist choice for multi-service bookings - Unlike a lot of systems, Slick lets your client select different stylists/therapists for each service, or they can select 'no preference' which just shows maximum time slots!

  10. No annoying gaps left in your schedule - Slick's smart technology knows not to give customers the option to book a slot that leaves a 15min or 30min gap in your calendar (unless you regularly do appointments of that duration) meaning we'll automatically schedule clients back to back or leave a big enough gap to be filled by one of your regular services!

  11. Anti-fraud measures which prevent someone from booking up multiple slots in your your calendar and not showing up. Customers are also required to verify their mobile number via a text message, so people can't make a fake bookings!

  12. Option to call if availability limited - If your availability on a particular day is limited, Slick will give customers an option to call your salon, just in case you can squeeze them in.

To see how customer online booking works, click here to make a test appointment at our Slick Demo Salon!

We've setup our demo salon so that you receive a text message reminder 30 minutes before your appointment, to show what our free reminders look like (in your salon you can choose when these are sent!)

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