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How does Slick benefit salons?
How does Slick benefit salons?

Find out what the benefits of Slick are to salons.

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Slick has been built by an incredible team of people who know all about the industry, so it's exceptionally tailored to your needs.

By implementing Slick you can look forward to ...

✅ Reduced no-shows with free text appointment reminders. PLUS bolt on sms options to send across your cancellation policy to every appointment to help protect your bookings and business.

✅ Increase bookings and make money while you sleep by introducing online booking that you can share with handy 'Book now' buttons on socials!

✅ Benefit from 1-1 support from your expert business coach and 7 days a week support from our technical team on live chat. Plus weekday phone support!
✅ Reach clients with ease by using our marketing and messaging tools. Some of which, you can set and forget to keep revenue coming while you manage the most important part - client experience!

✅ Spend less time on the phone and managing appointments, get more time with clients!

✅ Get a better understanding of your business with performance insights and extensive reports. This reporting also covers HR capabilities like time off.

✅ Offer integrated payments and reporting solutions to speed up end of day processes for your staff. Learn more about the SlickPay reader here.

✅ We listen! Share your feedback with the Slick team here or via the live chat, we take it all on board and it helps us to build a better product for you - so please shout!

✅ Beautiful websites encourage more browsing ... more browsing = more bookings! Speak to the team today about setting up your very own Slick website with all the bells and whistles to keep clients coming back.

Not sure that's enough to convince you? Book a demo here and learn more about how Slick can upgrade your salon experience today!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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