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Feedback to team Slick!
Feedback to team Slick!

We love feedback, it helps us impr5ove. Make suggestions - we love it.

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Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Slick, the Product team is no different.


We are constantly tuned in to what our users need. Training, business coach check-ins and live chat interactions are important tools in building our understanding of client needs.

We use this to help us decide what to build next: this might be a new feature to help our users run their businesses better, a small improvement to help Slick work more effectively for the team or a bug that is getting on your nerves a little bit, we use feedback from all of our users to constantly balance and re-balance our priorities.

Just like the product, our process is ever changing as we look to improve and work better for our salons:

  1. We constantly analyse feedback as it comes in, whether this be through Live chat, business coaches or surveys.

  2. A clear need for a new feature develops. We assess this against the other things on our to-do list - is it time to build it? Okay, let's do it!

  3. We review all the feedback around this feature, so we understand not only that this is WHAT our customers want, but to ensure we build it in a way that it works HOW they want it to.

  4. We create a mock up so we can present it visually and show it to our internal teams, from sales to support, to get their initial thoughts - they know their customers well!

  5. We refine and refine - this can go on for a while until we are happy. (We are perfectionists here at Slick!)

  6. At this stage we will show it to some of our most trusted salons: the ones who love giving good feedback - THIS COULD BE YOU, just contact Live Chat to notify the team that you’d like to offer feedback. This ensures we are able to take a good idea and build it in a way that will work for all our users.

  7. Once we are happy our talented developers start making it happen. We are still reviewing constantly and as per everything else we are constantly tweaking as it takes shape

  8. We always release it to our Beta platform first. We have a group of customers that use this platform, meaning they get early access to our exciting new features in return for providing us valuable feedback that we can use to make final changes before rolling out to all our users.

  9. Once live to all users, we keep an eye on the feedback coming in to understand if there is any additional functionality we should add to the new feature, and the cycle starts again!

This is only a general framework for how we build new features and we are always open to suggestions on how best to make Slick work for you.


We love that our users are proactive and want to be involved in helping us build something awesome! If you’d like to get involved please let us know via the Live chat.

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