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Quick Replies for Instagram DM's

Send quick replies to your clients via Instagram!

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Quick replies on Instagram help you save time texting, so you can get back to doing what you love - Styling!!

Sending individual messages is time consuming and dealing with lots of queries on Instagram takes your focus from the salon. Check out how to set up saved replies and save some time.

Make sure you have a Business or Creator account!

You can switch profiles by clicking on the Menu in the top right hand corner of your Instagram profile. Then click, Settings, Account and Switch Account Type

Create your Saved Reply.

Go to Settings, Business, Saved Replies and then click the + in the top right hand corner, as seen below!

Send your Saved Reply.

Type out your saved reply and make sure to write an easy shortcut so that you can reply quickly. Click 'Save' in the top right hand corner. Then when somebody sends you a message you can reply with your shortcut e.g. 'bk' (for booking) click the BLUE BOX next to your typed shortcut and click send. Your client will then receive your saved reply. EASY!

TOP TIP: Make sure you add your online booking link into the saved reply so clients can book easily and quickly!

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