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How to create a Linktree for your business
How to create a Linktree for your business

Create 1 link for all of your business pages and forms

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Do you want just 1 link to send to clients which houses your online booking link, your website, your consultation forms and your product order forms? Linktree allows you to produce a unique link to add to your social media sites

1. Head to and click 'Get Started for Free'

2. Add your information and click 'Register'

3. When prompted, choose 'Continue with Free' to open a free account

4. You will then receive a verification email. Open your email and click on the link to verify your email is correct

5. Click on 'Appearance' and add your business logo to the top of your linktree page. You can also choose a background which suits your brand:

6. Click on 'Links' to start building your Linktree:

7. Add a title for your link (what is will be called on your linktree) and the web link:

8. Continue to add links until you have your full catalogue:

9. Click 'Share' and either copy your url (to paste elsewhere) or download your QR code which can then be printed and displayed on your front door/in your waiting area:

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