You can create PDF orders direct from Slick or if you have a L'Oréal Partner Shop account, can send orders direct from Slick to Partner Shop

Step 1

Before creating your first order, make sure you have completed the following steps:

  • Carry out a stock check to ensure all quantities are correct

  • Set your minimums and maximums per product. This will allow Slick to calculate a recommended stock order

Step 2

Head to Stock Ordering to get started and watch our step by step guide below

Step 3

When you receive your order, go to the 'Order Received' area:

If you want to scan your products back into your stock manager, click 'Mark as scanned' once finished.

If you would rather 'bulk import' your new delivery, click 'Prepare Bulk Import'. Check the quantity received is correct and click 'Import Quantities Received':

Your stock delivery has now been updated!

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