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How to view and re-send receipts.
How to view and re-send receipts.

Check an old receipt and resend it via email to your client.

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Client asking for a receipt after you have checked them out? Need to check the payment methods for a checked out appointment? Find out how below!

How to view a receipt on Slick

To view a receipt, simply go to Daily Cash Up via the Menu and select the date that your client came in.

If you're not sure what date they came in, you can select "Date Range" and select last month or a custom range when they might have come in.

Scroll down to reveal your Client Bills for that date period. Then just find your client's name and click "View Receipt".

Resending a client their receipt via Email

To resend a receipt, simply open the client's profile by clicking on the booking and clicking on their name or by clicking on the 'Clients' button in the top right hand corner of the calendar and searching for them.

Scroll down the client's profile until you come to the appointment for which they would like their receipt resent. Click "View Details".

Then simply press "Email receipt" and you'll be given the option to resend the receipt. Then simply enter the client's email and they will have a copy of the receipt for their records!

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