Slick Online Booking can now be integrated into your Google Business page allowing for a fast and easy way for clients to book. In this guide, we cover where to get the link for online booking and how to set it up in Google!

Please make sure you've claimed your business on Google by searching your business and clicking "Own this Business?"

Once you've got your business login sorted, you will be able to make amendments to your Google page by clicking on the square of dots in the right hand corner of the Google page and clicking 'My Business.'

Step 1

From your Slick calendar page, open the menu and select "Online Booking & Payments"

Step 2

Make sure your Online Booking is turned on, by ensuring the toggle is purple. Click "COPY URL". If it's working correctly the text should temporarily switch to "COPIED".

Step 3

Go to you Google Business page, at , and login:

Step 4

Once you're in, navigate over to the "info" tab.

Step 5

Scroll down in this page until you see the item called "Appointment Links"

Step 6

Clicking on it should bring up a box asking you to enter your booking link. Paste the link from your "Online Booking & Payments" page. You can do this by clicking in the field and pressing Command + V (or CTRL + V on Windows). Alternatively, you can right-click on the field and past that way.

Step 7

Once that's in, click apply and it will be submitted to Google for approval!

NOTE: It may take some time for these changes to be reflected in your business' Google search result. This is due to Google's Quality Review and can vary significantly between salons.

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