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Online deposit payments for your clients.

Sent a deposit request to a client? What happens next?

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Online deposits allows you to take upfront payments for a service. Why is this useful?

  • Great for your cash-flow

  • Stops no-shows if they have paid up-front

  • No in-salon checkout needed which means you can spend more time with clients.

How does it look for my clients?

Once set up, your clients’ online booking experience is straightforward. They are asked to create an account with a password. This is a one-off, next time they can simply login!

As you have chosen to take an upfront deposit then they will be asked to add their card details to their profile.

Example here they are paying £35 upfront for a £70 bill.

Make sure you have updated your cancellation policy which we will show to clients at various points throughout their booking experience.

How do I know if they have paid an online deposit?

Any booking with a deposit will be clearly identified on the calendar by the '£' logo on the top right corner of the booking itself.

It will show the amount paid and the amount left to pay when you click the booking on the calendar also and this opens up...

How is this shown in my daily cash up?

Online deposits will appear like this in cash up on the day they are taken It will be shown in 2 places.

  • Under 'TOTAL TAKINGS' where you see 'Card online via SlickPay'.

  • Under 'Total deposits taken' where you see 'Card online / requested via SlickPay'.

You will also see this in the Deposit log as you see in the image below...

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