If you access 2 or more Slick calendars on a regular basis then this is useful for you!

When you have 2 tabs open, it is hard to tell the difference as both tab headers (see arrow) say "Slick"

Using the Tab Modifier extension in Chrome we can edit these tab names say 'Slick: Salon A' and ' Slick: Salon B' instead of each one being called Slick

1. In a Chrome browser , click this link and then click 'Add to Chrome"

2. Click 'Add extension'

3. This will open a new page and show you the below message. Click 'Create my first rule'

4. Copy the URL from your Slick calendar window e.g https://salon.getslick.com/salon/#/salon/818/day/today

and paste into the URL fragment box (see red box below)

5. Edit the 'Name' and 'Title' of the tab as you want it to appear in your browser e.g "Slick Demo Salon" or "Slick: Salon A"  Then change 'Detection' to 'Exact'. Click Save

NB Title = what will appear in tab header!

6. Repeat all above steps for the second Slick calendar e.g 'Slick: Salon B'. Click refresh on browser.

7. When you open your two calendars it should look like this with two different tabs showing Slick: Salon A and Slick: Salon B

8. Troubleshooting: if the change has not taken effect. Click refresh.

NB this only works when you use the same login across 2 calendars. Our security protocols prevent separate user logins access 2 unique salons from the same browser window.

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