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Salon Reporting Dashboards
Salon Reporting Dashboards

See a snapshot of your salons weekly and monthly reports!

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Your Slick Dashboard designed to give a snap shot of salon performance for the week and month. If you want more a detailed view or to send data to your accountant then please see how our Reports can help!

To access your Dashboard, go to Menu, then Business Reports.

Weekly Dashboard

The report runs over the current week and can be changed by changing the week commencing date.


The revenue chart is important for your salon to understand how the week is looking. It shows both forecast sales and actual sales for each day.

Top tip: if you want to find out the £ figure then hover your mouse over the column

Sales by category

This pie chart breaks down the actual £ sales this week into your various categories showing both £ amount and % split so you can see what part of the business is bringing in the cash!

​Average bill value

This shows you average bill (revenue / number of appointments) with a week to date value as well as values for the individual days so you can identify any re-occurring trends e.g the team on Wednesday are selling less per appointment. Can we offer i them to up-sell more treatments or retail? 

Rebooking rate

As a salon you want clients to return time and time again, with staff booking the appointments at checkout. This graph allows you to identify when rebooking is low so you can coach the team to re-book clients day in and day out.

Monthly Report

Your monthly dashboard includes the following information for the past year:

Total Revenue (inc VAT) - All Staff graph:

Total Revenue - All Staff:

Service Revenue - All Staff:

Retail Revenue - All Staff:

No-show Fees - All Staff:

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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