Worried about moving your client information to Slick? Don't be.

Here are 3 reasons to put your mind at  ease:

  1. Security. Your information is stored on the world's most secure networks in the world. Your data is stored on machines running in two different data centres and kept live in sync.  In the unlikely event of an issue, we simply switch between meaning the two providing un-interupted access for you to your information.
  2. Back up. Because we are web-based, we automatically back up your data every night.  Unlike paper or a programme on your computer, you can access your info using your login and password anywhere in the world. If your diary or phone gets lost that information might be lost forever. With Slick, you login in and its all there as you left it.
  3. Permission.. Our T's and C's specifically prohibit us from doing anything with your data without your explicit consent. We will never share your Client Data with other salons, other companies or any third parties without your permission.

For our full T's and C's, please click here
For our Privacy policy, please click here

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