Clients will need to create an account online in order to get booked in. If they are booking for the first time, they will received a verification SMS to ensure they are not a rogue booking. They will then receive an email confirming their booking.

1. Clients will need to choose the services they want. We encourage them to book in the order they want to receive their services, eg Colour then Finish, to ensure this adds them to your calendar in a suitable order

2. If the first service selected as a processing time and a finishing service hasn't been selected, your client will be prompted to book a second/finishing service

3. Clients will then be asked to choose a staff member or 'I don't mind' if they want to see all availability:

4. If you have identified some services as requiring a patch test, your client will be asked if they have had a patch test within the last 6 months:

If yes, they can go ahead and get booked in

If no, they will shown available patch test time slots before being able to book. Service time slots are restricted to 48 hours after their patch test booking.

5. Your client can then select the time slot for their first service:

If there isn't a suitable time slot available, and you have the feature switched on, your client can book onto your waitlist:

6. Your client will then see their confirmation page, including your cancellation message if you have added one:

7. Clients are now invited to login to their account or create an account if this is their first time booking via Slick:

8. If you have online deposits/no-show protection switched on, your client will be asked to enter their card details for payment:

9. The booking is now confirmed! Your client can view and amend their bookings in 'My Bookings':

10. If your client is booking online for the first time, they will receive an SMS asking them to verify their mobile phone number. This ensures their number is legitimate:

11. Clients who have not booked onto the waitlist will receive a confirmation email:

Client who have booked onto the waitlist will not receive a confirmation of their booking

12. You will receive a confirmation of the booking in your 'Notifications' feed:

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