The client's online booking system allows them to make, cancel and reschedule bookings, complete deposit payments, put themselves on a waitlist and contact the client-facing customer support live chat!

Customer Support

Cancellation Policy & Booking Notes

Manage Bookings & Deposits

Confirmation Email

Contact Customer Support

Our award-winning customer support team are here to support your clients throughout the booking and payment process. However, we will encourage your clients to contact you directly for all service-related enquiries 🤓

Confirmation Page

Your clients will be shown your cancellation policy on their confirmation page but will also have the opportunity to provide any booking notes in the text box provided. Keep an eye out for these on the client's booking:

'My Bookings'

Within the 'My Bookings' section of the client portal, clients can:

  1. See their upcoming bookings and booking history

From here, they can cancel, reschedule and rebook their bookings!

2. See and complete any deposit requests you have sent:

3. Change their profile details (coming soon!)

Confirmation Email

Your client will receive a confirmation email when they submit their booking. This will include information about their booking, your cancellation policy, your additional salon information, payment information and the ability to manage their booking:

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