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Embedding your Online Booking Site to your Website
Embedding your Online Booking Site to your Website

You can add your online booking site to your website instead of creating a 'book now' button

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When booking into your salon online, you can either create a 'Book Now' Button"


You can embed your online booking site into your website as a different section/page:

If you have a website manager/designer, please ask them to embed your online booking url into your website using 'iframe'

If you manage your own website and are unfamiliar with iframe, you can generate your embed code using the following generator:

Before using this, it is worth checking with your website provider (eg, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace) to see if they have an iframe widget. You can then use this to add your online booking page onto your website.

The generator allows you to customise how the booking page will appear on your site so it is best to play around with is until you find the aesthetic you desire. You can preview your page by clicking 'preview' at any time.

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