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Retail click & collect

Use Slick Pay to help you take payment for Click & Collect retail sales

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You can now take contactless payment for products using our 'Request Payment' feature!

1. Create a category in Settings called Retail products then add a service called Click & Collect Retail. Set time as 15 mins and Price to £0

2. In the calendar, create a booking for the client who is buying the retail product. It is important that you select the correct client as we will be taking payment via SMS to their mobile number.

3. Book an appointment as normal but choose your Click & Collect service.

NB You can book them in out of hours if you don't want to take up space in the calendar.

4. Change the price of the booking to reflect the price of the product you are selling:

5. Once you have saved your booking, click on the booking and select 'request deposit':

6. Enter the amount you need to charge the client today and click 'send request':

Your client will then be sent a payment message and link for the to pay:

7. Once payment has been received, you will be notified in your 'Notifications' of any payments received. You can checkout the product through checkout.

8. Click 'Checkout' on the client's booking then 'Add Retail Product'. Use the search bar to find the specific product(s) they are buying and add them to their checkout

9. Once added, remove the Click & Collect service they were originally booked in for. This will leave just the retail product on their checkout and in your reports.

10. Ensure that the Client deposit is ticked as this will ensure that you record the product was bought using the Slick Pay payment you took.

11. Click 'Complete' to complete the sale.

You can now deliver the client their product/arrange for the product to be picked up

Please contact customer support for more guidance on using this feature to sell vouchers

Slick Pay

To set up Slick Pay, you will first need a Stripe account. Click here

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