27.10.2020: Version 6acb9aa

New Features

1. Stock management launch

"The smartest stock ordering system on the market"

  • Set minimum and maximum quantities to be alerted when you are low on stock

  • Analyse stock cost, units used or sold by brand or sub-brand

  • Create orders in your stock basket and save for later use

  • Send orders via PDF or load orders direct into L'OrĂ©al Partner Shop

2. Send SMS from Activity feed

You can now text a client direct from Activity feed when they:

  • Reply to a Appointment reminder

  • Reply to a Marketing message

  • Book Online

3. Mini-modal

To make booking simpler and easier, we have introduced an optional mini-modal. If you find you don't need this then this can be disabled.

4. Search deposits

You can now search deposits in checkout to make it easy to add in a family members deposit to a bill

5. Delete patch tests

Online patch tests can now be deleted from a column if you need to

General Updates / Improvements

1. Usability

General speed improvements as well as easier ability to grab 15 minute appointment slots to extend them. We've brought back the ability to drag and drop whilst the booking window is open.

2. Confirm / undo modal

This has been changed to just show 'Undo' so that if you are moving lots of appointments you don't have to click 'Confirm' after each one. If you do make a mistake, clicking undo will reverse the last change.

3. Commission report

Ability to download report for all stylists at once and not one by one

Scrolls all the way so you can see all the Smith's you want....

5. Checkout

Fixed to bugs that showed checkout out appointments as still 'live' and bug that stopped showing the send receipt screen. Next appointment date showing correctly on receipts.

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