16.09.2020: Version 56354d6

New Features

1. Next appointment date in checkout

Now you can see if your client has a future appointment booked from checkout

2. New client message (reviews/ thank you)

Send clients a personalised message after their first visit with you!

Stuck for ideas?

  • "Thank you for your first visit to the Hair Shed, please leave us a review at [insert google link]

  • "We loved seeing you at the Hair Shed. Get £10 off your next appointment when you book 2 or more services. Call us on 01202 262005 to book"


1. Loading speed

  • Quicker loading speed when changing between days on calendar

2. New drag and drop

  • More accurate drag and drop

  • New time teller bubble to aid navigation

3. Week view

  • Moving appointments in week view now has confirm / undo feature

4. Calendar layout changes

  • Half hour times down left side of calendar

  • Time format now 12 hour clock (vs 24 hour before)

  • Layout improvements for Android tablets and iPad in portrait mode

5. Mobile layout changes

  • Added forward and back navigation for changing days in mobile view

6. Set & Forget Marketing

  • Existing client review messages now exclude repeat bookings and are also only sent every 4 months

  • Lapsed client auto messages now exclude anyone who has received a MANUAL lost client message

  • Reporting shows number of bookings & value generated

7. Reports

  • Hours worked by category by stylist report now live

Bug fixes


  • Light mode colour scheme restored

  • Deleting repeat bookings no longer requires refresh


  • Checkout with cash and change now assigns the correct cash amount to cash up

Time off

  • Full realtime sync of time-off across devices and in week view


  • Receptionists can no longer edit Online booking settings

  • Tablet layout: improvements to layout on tablet devices

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