01.09.2020: Version dd34198

1. New Appointment Window...less clicks

The appointment window has had a makeover....!

  • No sub-menu = less clicks = easier for users

  • Delete booking now includes a "Are you sure?" fail safe

  • Request Stylist is now marked by clicking on the heart icon

2. Refund in-salon deposits

  • Users can now refund cash / card deposits from Client deposits

  • Online deposits can be refunded by clicking on the Appointment in question.

3. Checking out 1 bill with 2 clients

  • If you need to checkout a father and son in 1 bill then you can now do this.

  • Click on 'Add another client' and it will import the booking from the calendar and mark as paid once checked out.

4. Hide client mobile number

  • Option to hide first first 8 digits of client mobile number in Receptionist permission level.

  • Applies to all users on Receptionist permission level.

  • NB This option can not be set up for 3 staff members and not the others at this level

5. Bug fixes

Calendar speed

  • Wave 1 of improvements to speed up loading time.

  • Wave 2 due in next release.


  • Bug linked to % deposits now resolved.


  • When adding new service, any deposit selected remains selected.

  • Tablet layout: improvements to layout on tablet devices

Cash up

  • Over paying with cash now results in only cash amount net of change going to cash up.

Online booking & Payments

  • Simultaneous booking bug resolved

  • Setting up Stripe payments account - can re-access Stripe if you leave halfway through

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