12.02.2020: Version AD67696

1. New Checkout screen

  • On-screen changes to layout to improve navigation

  • Balance auto-calculates payment splits

  • Retail products: ability to sell multiples of each product

  • Use 2 deposits from 2 separate appointments for same client, eg mum & child booked online

  • Coming soon: search for and use other client deposits in checkout

  • Mobile friendly!

2. Charge card on file

  • Clients with payment details stored in Slick Pay can pay balance with card on file

  • Can change payment method to card in-store, cash or voucher where appropriate

  • Slick Pay will process card payment and will show in Cash up and Reports under Card via Slick

3. Downloadable reports

  • All reports in Slick can now be downloaded individually into Excel

  • Find the report you need and click download

  • For iPad users, this will download into your Files application which looks like this:

  • Excel will be needed for Mac users. Currently available for Android users.


  • Set & Forget now shows which campaigns are live and how much money you are making without even lifting a finger!


  • Permissions: areas that are restricted for receptionist access are now highlighted with a tooltip saying "Manager access only"

  • Stock: scrolling to the bottom of the page in stock management now works correctly

  • Online booking: bug fix relating to deposits which caused errors.

  • Calendar: you can now delete no-show and paid appointments to correct mistakes

  • Calendar: 12 hour clock on calendar

  • Client profile: address saves the first time you create a new client

  • Cash Up: cash deposits now show in the right hand side cashup table

  • Checkout: can now use decimals in use deposits in checkout


  • Calendar speed improvements: quicker faster loading calendar

  • Stylist request- easier way of seeing which stylist has been requested

  • Search deposits in Client Deposits

  • Refund deposits in Client Deposits

  • Next appointment date on receipt

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