Slick No-Show protection allows you to securely hold card details and IF a client doesn't turn up, you can charge them a cancellation fee in line with your Salon Terms & Conditions.

Why is this useful?

  • No-shows cost you money! Why should you book out time and then lose money if they don't show?

  • If the client books and doesn't turn up- you are still paid!

  • Regular clients from booking are happy as you only charge them at checkout

What are my options?

If a client doesn't show, you can choose to charge:

  • A % of the service e..g 50% of £70 booking

  • A flat, fixed fee. e.g £50 cancellation charge.

Clients are used to paying upfront for services and goods so they are used to securing bookings with card details. Why should you take the risk of booking your precious time without a guarantee.

How does it look for my clients?

Once set up your clients’ online booking experience is straightforward. They are asked to create an account with a password. This is a one-off- next time they can simply login!

As you have chosen to ask for card details for No-Show Protection, we won't take payment now but we do need to take their card details

Make sure you have updated your cancellation policy which we will show to clients at various points throughout their booking experience.

How do i know if a booking has No-Show Protection?

Any booking with an Online deposit will be shown in the modal.

It will show that they have "Payment details stored on profile"

All details are securely held by Slick. Users will not be able to access or view card details for security reasons.

What do i do if a client no-shows?

Click 'No Show' on the modal

You can choose how much you want to charge that naughty client!

Either a fixed amount or a percentage.

We will then charge that client and send the money to your bank account!

How do i see the money in my reports?

Money will be show in Cash Up under Card via Slick

It will then appear in your reports under No Show fees

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