If you currently work in a salon using Slick and are looking to set up your own account then this article is designed to guide you in moving client data from one Slick account to another.

In short, to move client data from Slick Account A to Slick Account B, we require the written permission of the named account holder of Slick Account A.

This is to stop the unauthorised distribution of sensitive client data without the account holders express permission as part of the GDPR regulations.


A stylist is changing employment status from employed to 'rent a chair'. This stylist will no longer be listed in the the main salon (Salon A) and instead wants to set up a new Slick account (Salon B) in order to keep their business separate.

The Stylist is entitled to set up a new Slick account however any transfer of client data requires the written permission of the account holder of Salon A.

If the permission is not forthcoming then, the stylist can still set up a new Slick salon however no client data will be transferred

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