Bookings are what we do every day, all day so it's important to make the process quick and easy.

You said:

  • "How can i easily move an appointment from 1 time to the next?"

  • "Can you put a button to "Make an appointment?"

  • "When booking a cut after a colour, why does it just drop into the same column?"

So we listened and thanks to our wonderful design and tech teams, we bring you this:

Now you can:

  1. Choose the date from the booking menu

2. Choose your service, time and stylist from the booking menu rather than having to drag appointments to columns using drag and drop

3. Use the "Add booking" button instead of clicking a time/stylist in calendar. 

4. Editing bookings is even more slick...! There's an 'Edit booking' button now!

Hopefully these tweaks based on your wonderful feedback make Slick even better, quicker and more accurate for you and your colleagues! Enjoy!

Team Slick x

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