Rebook from checkout:

  • Memorizes the time and value of the previous appointment! 

If you edited the original appointment for a certain client and changed either the price of the timings, when you come to check out and rebook that appointment, the appointment will be booked in again using this price and time!

Customised appointment timings and prices for loyal customers! Boom! 💥

  • Rebook from checkout now has a date picker.

Click on Rebook and you will see this date picker

When the client asks to be rebooked for 6 weeks time, click 6w and you land in the calendar 6 weeks from today. The booking window is open to make any amends/ drag the appointment to a new time and then click save

Booking window

  • Repeat booking and deposit:  now easier to find underneath the first service

  • Second service:  click on 'Add service' to add on another service or click on 'Frequently booked'

Frequently booked

  • You can now select multiple services from the 'Frequently booked' to speed up client booking!

  • Click on the service you want and see it ticked. Then click Done to go back to Main booking window, to edit a service, take deposit etc

Booking log

  • One of the most frequent questions we get is "Can you tell me when X appointment was booked and by who?" 

  • Now you can see it for yourselves!

  • Click on the appointment card and you can see time, date and which user booked the appointment! 

  • Remember if you want to see changes to the appointment history then use our Change history function

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Adding new stylist

  • Report navigation

  • Reoccurring time off movements

  • Repeat bookings >7/8 weeks

  • iPad users: drag and drop is less sensitive & requires touch & hold to move appointment

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