Key summary

  • Repeat booking launch

  • Bug fixes / improvements:  no-show reporting, checkout and rebooking,


The perfect way to manage the regular blow dry clients in a matter of seconds!

Set up a repeat booking with a specific end date and the booking will repeat in the calendar. You choose the weeks between appointments. We do the rest!

To access, make a booking as normal and then click 'More Options'

This short video will explain all

Bug fix / improvements

  • No shows. No shows in client profile will only count if an appointment has been marked by the salon as a 'no-show'. Slick will no longer auto-calculate this.

  • Checkout. Resolving odd cases where re-book from checkout and deposit function did not display correctly.

  • iPad/iPhone. Resolving display issues around booking window zooming and appearance of save button.

  • Rebooking: new week jumper (+1 week, +2 weeks) added to speed up re-booking process.

  • Time off: Implemented new safety checks when deleting reoccurring time off.

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