Key summary

  • Change history log & undo function for bookings

  • Client address in profile & CSV export

  • Client year of birth in profile & CSV export

  • Bug fixes: replacing services in edit booking, time off (multiple)

Change history log & undo function

Goal: allow user to see changes to appointment & undo changes to previous state

  • Click on 'time' icon below

  • Text in bold is the element of booking that was last  changed. E.g this booking was moved to 10.30am from 11.30am previously. You can tell this as 11.30-12.30 is in bold. This applies for time, date and stylist.

Benefit: allows Managers to see what changes were made i.e why is Steph in at 10.30 and not 11.30 and if necessary/desired be able to reset it should a mistake have been made in the scheduling.

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Client address and year of birth in profile & CSV export

  • In client profile there is now a box to capture Address. 

  • Date of birth now includes year field

  • These are also included in your Client List CSV export

Bug fix 

  • Appointment booking: Edit service 1 of an appointment used to end in Service 1 being scheduled below Service 2. This is now fixed. See image below.

  • Display: correct display of booking and modal screens on iOS devices

  • Display: fix issue causing white screen on booking window on iOS devices

  • Display: opening hours display correctly across multiple iOS devices.

  • Reports: retail products displayed in Performance report & Commission calculator

  • Time off: A number of issues fixed relating to time off that cause the screen to freeze or deliver unexpected results

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