To register sales of gift cards, first you'll need to create some voucher amounts in the Products section.

Creating gift cards for sale:

Go to Menu (top left): 

Then select Settings:

Then select Products:

For usage on mobile: when you tap Menu, the options appear in a horizontal bar across the top, so you'll need to scroll right for Settings and then for Products:

In Products, click the purple "Add Product" button:

Then enter the name of the voucher / gift card, enter the price and click ADD ITEM.
Note: it's advisable to put the value in the name as below:

You can add as many different types of gift cards as you like:

Selling gift cards:

You can add the sale of a gift card onto any client bill following the steps below. To sell a gift card only (ie not attached to an existing client booking), go to Menu and select "Checkout Product":

Then click into the search box under "Retail Products":

Type the name of the voucher you want to sell and click on the one you want:

Then checkout as normal, pressing Pay by Card or Pay by Cash:

For mobile users, the layout of the checkout screen looks a bit different. When you first open checkout, it will look like this:

Here you will see the two search boxes to add services or products. Tap into the one that says "Search products" and type the name of the voucher you want to sell and tap it to select it:

Then hit pay by cash or card as normal to complete the sale:

We do have an alternative way of issuing gift cards and redeeming them using our deposits functionality - if you'd like to learn about this option, please contact us via the live chat bubble.

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