This guide is specifically for those using Slick via the Chrome browser which is what we recommend for the best experience and highest security. To learn how to download Chrome, click here for Apple users, and click here for Microsoft/Windows

You can export your reports into PDF format by using the 'print' functionality on your Chrome browser.

Simply open the report on Slick that you would like to download in PDF (example below is with the Staff Performance report) and then click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser to surface the Chrome menu:

Then select Print from the menu:

This will bring up a screen that looks like the below. Click on "More Settings":

Then take the following steps:

  • Change the Margins from Default to Minimum

  • Change the Scale from 100 to 60 (may need to be 50-55 if you have lots of data vertically)

  • Untick "Headers and Footers"

This should make your report fit nicely on one page as above.

Please note: for reports which have lots of columns, you may wish to select "landscape" to fit them all in. Also if you are saving the "Revenue by Stylist" or another report with more than 8 columns, please check the bottom of this guide for further tips

Then to save as PDF, simply click on Change as below:

Then select 'Save as PDF' as below:

And then simply hit the blue 'Save' button:

This should give you a PDF that looks like the below, which you can then store, print or email as you would with any other PDF.

(or other reports with more than 8 columns)

We have a display limit of 8 columns on a single page to prevent information getting squashed and jumbled. Therefore to print/save reports that have more than 8 columns, you will need to do the process twice: once for the first 8 columns, then scroll right and repeat for the remaining columns

Eg for the Revenue by Stylist report, do the above process to save the first view:

Then do the print/save process again for these columns:

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