To scan products into Slick, you will need the Slick Stock Scanner App. When you scan items in, they will appear in the "Manager" screen which is in Menu, Stock Management:

Items are categorised by 'Brand' and 'Sub-Brand' and they are sorted A to Z by 'Brand'. If you can't find an item you've scanned, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Any item that doesn't have anything entered in the 'Brand' field will appear at the bottom of your page in the "Unknown" section:

To edit an item and move it out of the Unknown section, just click anywhere on the item to open the product profile:

Then click in the box next to "Brand" and enter the brand or category you would like the product to appear in, and hit Save Changes.

2. The spelling of the Brand or Sub-Brand may be slightly different from what you already have in your library, particularly when it comes to L'Oréal or Kérastase products.
Please note that items automatically recognised from the L'Oréal library are spelled with an e acute like so:

  • L'Oréal Professionnel (not Professional)

  • Kérastase

  • Concentré Essentiel

So if you have entered Brand/Sub-Brand manually without the e acute, items will appear in a different category like below:

To edit the name to include the e acute, simply click on the item to open its profile, click in the Brand box, delete the e, and then hold down the 'e' key on your keyboard (or press the 'Alt' key and 'e' at the same time) and select the e acute as below:

Then press Save Changes and the item should move to where the other L'Oréal items are.

To learn more about organising and managing your items in the Stock Manager, click here

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