If you are using an iPad or iPhone and would like to print from there instead, please see this article (print quality is actually better from an iPad/iPhone). 

The below instructions are for printing from a laptop or computer which is using the Chrome browser (recommended). If you need to download Chrome, please click here

Step 1

  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen and click 'Print' as below:

Step 2

  • When the settings screen comes up click on 'more settings':

  • Change layout to landscape instead of portrait

Step 3

  • Change the scale down to 40 and untick the box that says 'Headers and Footers'. The scale can be varied to get the right balance of getting all columns on versus the level of zoom you want.

Step 4

Press print! If you want to print to a different printer then select 'Change' and select your desired printer.

You can also use the above option of clicking 'Change' to convert your schedule into PDF so it can be emailed to someone.

Just select 'Save as PDF' as below:

And then simply hit the blue 'Save' button:

Your schedule will be saved or printed looking something like the below. Sadly we can't get the bright colours to print 😞but everything else is there!

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