Once you have set up  Slick Stock, Slick has 3 report screens that allow you to:

  • Check the value of the stock you have in salon

  • Calculate the value and volume of stock sold and used

  • Check when a product was last updated (sold / used or adjusted)

With all stock reports, use the  Search or Filter options (below) to show only the products you want or leave them off and show the complete stock room

Stock holding value

If you want to now  the volume and the total cost of each line of stock you hold then this is the report for you!

As you sell or use products, the quantity field will automatically be updated which will in turn update the value columns. 

If you need to update a quantity after a stock check then click on the line you want to change and type in the new quantity

Stock used/sold over date range 

This report is designed to help you see the volume or value of stock used or sold over a certain period. 

Perfect if you need to check how much you have used and therefore need to order or how a promotion went

  • To change the date range click on the start date and then click on the end date, this will update the date range and volumes sold and used.

  • You can use the filters to select certain brands and then see the volume and value sold or used

Last Stock Movement

As a manager, if you need to see when a product was last used, sold or checked in then this report will help

Sold: any product that was scanned or added to check out
Used: any product that was scanned by the App using the 'Use Product' mode
Adjusted: any product that was scanned by the App using the 'New Stock' mode OR manually changed in the Stock Manager tab

The report will show the date of the action and volume that was sold, used or adjusted in Slick

For further information on setting up Slick Stock, click here
If you would like to print any stock reports, click here

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