Turn your iPhone into a retail barcode scanner and add products to a client's bill! 

To do this you will need to download the Slick scanner app on your iPhone and enter your products into your Slick stock library.

Before checking out any products, please make sure you have added retail prices for your items. This can be done when you scan in "New Stock" or by editing in the item in your "Stock Manager"

Using the app to add retail products to a client's bill

Open checkout on your main screen used at the salon front desk, either by clicking on a booking and pressing 'Checkout' or going to the Menu and selecting "Checkout Product":

Once the checkout screen is open, you can open your Slick scanner app on your iPhone and select "Checkout":

If your app is still displaying the the "padlock" in the middle of the screen like below, you may need to close and re-open checkout on your main computer.

If the padlock still wont disappear contact customer support via the chat bubble.

With the checkout screen open on your computer and your scanner app in checkout mode, simply scan the product you want to sell and press "Add to Checkout":

You will see the item you've scanned appear on your client's bill like below:

To add 2 of the same items to a bill, simply scan the product twice. 

When you've finished adding items to the bill, continue to checkout as usual.

To learn where to see how many items you've sold and other information on your stock management, click here

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