Stylist Roles (also known as Staff Titles) are used to assign different prices to your services according to the seniority of your staff.

You can create as many roles as you like and call them whatever you choose.

To create a new Role, got to Menu in the top left of your calendar:

Select 'Settings' and then 'Job titles':

Here you will see any Roles you have already setup. To edit the name of any, or delete one, just press the corresponding button:

Click "Add Another Staff Title" to create a new Role and call it whatever you choose:

Then, to apply prices for this new role to your services, you'll need to go into 'Services' in the menu on the left:

Press anywhere on a category to reveal services in this category:

Then press anywhere on a service to reveal all of your roles and prices. The new role
just added will be toggled off by default until you toggle it on and set the price:

Simply toggle on the new role and enter the price and timings for this level and then press "Save Changes".

Repeat this for each of the services that this staff in this role perform.

To apply this role to one of your staff, simply go into 'Stylists' in the menu on the left:

Select the staff member you want to apply this role to and then click anywhere on the Role bar to select the new role:

You'll then see the all the prices update for the services below and you can see all the prices which apply to that particular stylist:

Once you're happy, remember to save your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the Stylist's profile and pressing the purple tick:

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