If you are struggling to login to Slick, please try performing any or all of the following:

For all users:

  • Make sure your email address is ALL lower case and your password has one capital letter and one number. You can see the password typed by clicking on the 'eye' icon next to the password box on the login screen. Please also make sure the info in these boxes have been typed correctly and not automatically filled by autocorrect. 

Incognito/Private Mode for iPhone/iPad:

  • Turn your safari browser mode to "Private" and then try again by going to salon.getslick.com and logging in as before?

Tap the two squares here:

Then tap private:

Incognito/Private Mode for Chrome desktop users: 

  • Click on the dots in the top right hand corner of your browser window and select 'New Incognito Window'

Then login to https://salon.getslick.com/salon as usual. 

Incognito/Private Mode for Safari desktop users: 

  •  Click 'File' and select 'New Private Window'

Then login to https://salon.getslick.com/salon as usual. 

Delete Browser History:

  • Safari Desktop Users: 

Hit 'History' then 'Clear History'

  •  Chrome Desktop Users:

Click 3 dots in top right hand corner of your browser, select 'More Tools' and 'Clear Browser Data.' then select 'All Time' in time range and click . 'Clear Data.'


Please check that your device has cookies switched on for your internet browser. Without this, you will be presented with a blank screen when trying to log on to Slick.

For ipad/iphone users:

Go into settings:

Then Safari:

Ensure that your cookies are no blocked:

If you're really stuck, please contact Slick's customer support team via the chat bubble in your calendar or on the www.getslick.com homepage. 

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