Outstanding Deposits: How do I know if a client has credit on balance and how much?

You can see a list by client of 'credit on account' as well as more detail on when a deposit was taken, redeemed at checkout, or refunded, by clicking on Menu in the top-left:

Then select Outstanding Deposits at the bottom of the Menu:

Click on "View Details" to see more information:

Here you will see a breakdown of deposits taken, used and refunded that sum together to give the overall credit on balance for that client:

From here you can also refund a deposit. Click in the text box next to "Refund" and enter the amount, then click the Refund button. Check the amount and confirm your request via the pop-up modal:

You will now see that the Outstanding Deposit amount has reduced by the amount refunded, and a line item has been added there for your records. 

The amount refunded will also be deducted from your Deposits line in cash up.

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