If a client cancels their appointment outside of your cancellation policy, you may choose to keep the deposit to compensate for the inconvenience.

There are two options for how you might bank a deposit for a cancellation. In both cases, find the booking which has been cancelled or no-showed, click on it to surface the modal and hit Checkout.

Option 1: You can simply discount the service to the value of the deposit, such that the balance to pay is zero, and then select pay with card or cash to complete the transaction.

For example if the service was £30 and the client had £10 deposit on account, you could discount the service by £20 to make it £10 which is then offset by the £10 deposit on account - as per below:

Option 2:
You can create a new 'Category' in Settings > 'Services' called "No-show Deposits Banked" and then create a few services for the typical amounts you take deposits for:

So when you come to checkout a cancellation/no-show, you would remove the initial service they were planning to have by clicking the X (or Delete):

Then click into the search box under services and start typing the name of your Deposit Banked for No-show service, select the one with a value that matches the deposit:

Leaving the balance as zero to pay. Then click Pay by card or Pay by cash to complete the transaction.

Either method will ensure that the deposit amount is recognised in your revenue report and allocated to the appropriate stylist (which you can always edit in checkout).
The second method provides a slightly better way of tracking deposits banked for your own reports and won't affect your discount reports.

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