Taking a deposit for bookings in advance is a great way to help reduce no-shows and protect your business in the event of no-shows, especially for high value services.

There is no restriction or set limit on the deposit amount you can take. You can choose to take 100% up front for some clients, 50% for others, and none for others. Slick gives you full flexibility to do take deposits when and how you choose.

Slick allows you to take a deposit at any point by opening the booking window, clicking "More Options" and selecting "Take deposit":

You can then select whether you would like to take the deposit as a fixed amount (eg £30) or as a percentage of the booking value (eg 50% of £50). 

Use the toggle to select your preference - the purple one is the method selected. Then enter the amount in the text box and remember to hit Save Deposit.

Select Fixed to enter £30(%60):

Select Percent to enter 50% (£25):

This will return you to the booking window where you will see the deposit amount you have taken. 

Hit "Save Booking" to to return to the calendar and save the deposit as a credit on balance for the client.

How do I know if a deposit has been taken for a booking?

For any booking where a deposit has been taken, you will be able to see the amount deposited by clicking on the appointment card in the calendar to surface the Booking Modal.

The Modal will display how much has already been paid as a deposit and how much is left to pay:

You will also see the deposit taken for a booking automatically appear on the client's bill at checkout, with deposit paid amount automatically deducted from the total bill:

How are deposits used at checkout?

All you need to know about deposits in one article!

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