The golden rule for every salon business - ensure you rebook clients in for next time before they've left the salon, so that they don't forget or leave it too long to come back. 

Now Slick gives you a way to track just how good each of your team are at rebooking their clients and gives you an overall measure for your business as a whole.

To access the report, go to Menu > Reports:

You'll find the Rebooking Report at the bottom:

The key to this report is to set your date range correctly:

The end date is particularly important - this needs to be some date in the future (we suggest 6 months) as the report will be looking for any future appointments booked for clients who have visited in the period, to count these as a rebooking. 

The start date will define what period you are looking to measure vs today.
For example, if today is Wednesday 3rd October, and I want to know what my rebooking rate is for clients so far this week, I would set the start date as Monday 1st October.
Or if I wanted to know what my rebooking rate was for September, I would set it as 1st September. 

We calculate rebooking rate as follows:
For each unique client who visited from your start date until today, do they have another appointment booked in future - if they do that counts as a rebooking.
For example, if I had 10 different clients visit last week, and 8 of those clients have another booking on some future date, that would be an 80% rebooking rate.

You can change the start and end dates by clicking on the dates and selecting from the pop-out calendar:

Remember to hit 'Go' after you've selected your dates. Provided your end date is set to several months in the future, you should see a report that looks something like the below:

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