All Slick appointments which are checked out enter your end of day Cash Up. This shows your revenue for the day / time period and allows you to reconcile this against your card receipts and cash in till and then save for future reference.

Step 1- Access Cash Up

  • Click 'Menu' in the top lefthand corner & go to 'Cash- Up'

Step 2- Cash Up Screen

This will then display the below screen showing:

  • Takings from Cash / Card / Voucher
  • Tips
  • Ability to reconcile your Card and Cash takings & input into Slick
  • Petty Cash / Cash taken to bank
  • End of day cash balance

Step 3- Card Receipts

Count your card receipt print offs and enter the amount in the "Card Receipt Total" box. Hopefully these should match....!

Step 5- Petty Cash Out

Any cash that has been taken out of the till for Petty Cash expenses (milk, coffee etc) can be entered in "Petty Cash Out" box. 

If you want to record what was spent and by who then please use the Notes field underneath

Step 6- Cash Taken To Bank

If you have removed any cash from the till to take to the bank or to pay wages etc then this can be recorded here.

Step 7- Actual Cash at end of day

Based on your cash at the start of the day - petty cash - cash to bank + cash takings from the day, we calculate a "Expected Cash in Till" figure 

Once you have counted the cash in the till at the end of the day, enter the amount in in "Actual Cash in Till"

Step 8- Save

Once you have entered all your figures and any notes, click 'Save' so that you have this recorded for future reference.

Slick Tip

Unsure of what each box is for? Hover your mouse over the ' I ' icon and it will pop up a little info box!

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