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How do I take a screenshot using my iPad or iPhone?
How do I take a screenshot using my iPad or iPhone?

It's useful for us to see what you're seeing to help solve problems. Take a screenshot or "Print Screen" and send it to us on the live chat!

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Looking to share a photo of the screen you can see? Share more info with a better quality image by screen-shotting! Find out how below.

  • Go to the page/screen you wish to screenshot.

  • Hold down the 'home' button and the 'sleep/wake' button simultaneously.ย 

  • When you successfully take a screenshot, you should see a white flash and, if audio is on, hear the camera shutter sound.

  • To access your screenshot, go into 'Photos' from your home screen.

iPhone X and other Home Button-Less Models

Certain models of iPhone now don't include a home button! In this case, you should press the 'sleep/wake' button and the 'volume up' button simultaneously instead! It should otherwise work the same.
If you're trying to screenshot a Windows desktop, click here
If you're trying to screenshot a Mac, please click here instead!


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