Salon Iris software has the ability to export many tables in the database using the Export function.

  1. Select the Tools pull-down menu

  2. Click export to text file

  3. On the Export Database Information to a File screen, select the data that you would like to export. Each selection will be saved as its own text (.txt) file

  4. Click Export. You will be prompted to select a filename and location for each file. These files are tab-delimited text files and can be opened with Microsoft Excel

You can also connect your SQL Server database to Microsoft Excel directly following the Microsoft Knowledge Base article here. You may need to enable the Data tab in Excel first.

  1. When you are prompted for the connection information in the Data Connection Wizard, refer to File > Database Controls in your software for the Server Name. It’s displayed in the Network Settings section.

  2. In the log on credentials section, select use the following Username and Password.The username will be sa and the password will be your database password if you have one. If you do not have one, it will be CMJsoftware4477

  3. Select your program name from the pull-down menu and follow the prompts to select the table you would like to connect with Excel.

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