Checkout your clients in just a few steps. Apply discounts, add a tip, allow them to pay by cash, card, voucher or gift card, or any combination! Easily remove or add services, products or even other people to the same bill!

To check out a client, click on their appointment to surface the modal and press the "Checkout" button:

This will bring you to the checkout screen where you can:

  • Apply £ or % discount
  • Add retail products
  • Edit Stylist name to update reporting / commission calculations
  • Add Tip
  • Add another client e.g add a Son's cut to the Father's bill

See below for the full guide
You can click on the picture to open it in another window, making it larger

After selecting 'Pay by Card' or 'Pay by Cash' you will have the option to send your client an email receipt.

Or you can print their receipt in A4 on a regular printer (we don't currently integrate with a receipt printer) but we encourage email to save the environment and to save you money on print ink & paper!

If the client already has an email address in their client profile, this will automatically pull through. If they don't you can simply add it here and it will save to their profile for next time! A great way to collect email addresses for marketing in future 😃

You will then be give then option to rebook your client - click here to learn about rebooking. Your client's email receipt will look like the below.
Please contact us via the chat bubble if you would like your logo added to your receipts

Once your client is checked out and you return to the calendar, the booking card will change colour to grey and be crossed out, so you can see clearly that the client has paid:

To learn how to checkout a walk-in purchasing retail only, click here

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