You can add client colour notes directly into the client profile or attach them to a booking. Wherever you choose to store them, they are both visible in the Client Profile, just in slightly different places.

Adding colour formula into Booking Notes

Open your client's booking by selecting 'Edit booking' from the menu on the modal

Add colour formula into the booking notes field which is located underneath your categories at the bottom of the booking window:

To view colour formula history from previous bookings, open the client profile and scroll down to 'Booking History':

Adding colour formula into Client Notes

Alternatively, you can store colour formula in the client notes section of the client profile and separate each note with the date of your client's appointment

Open your client's profile either from the booking modal...

...or by using client search in the top right corner of your calendar:

In the client profile:

Colour notes will then always be visible at the top of your client's profile, with the option to see more history at the click of a button:

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