There are two ways to reschedule a booking:

  • Week view: Super quick for moving from one day to the next

  • Day view: Best for moving clients who are seeing two stylists or moving a week or more

Rescheduling using week view

Open week view for the stylist your client is seeing by clicking on the Week button in the top right and then select the stylist's name:

If the client wants to move to another day this week, simply drag the appointment across to the new date:

If there is more than one service in the booking, you will see a pop up like this - select move all to reschedule all services in the booking:

And all services will be moved to the new date:

Rescheduling using day view

*Please see below for a tip if you often use the "hide stylists who have time off" feature as this can affect rescheduling multi-service bookings split across stylist columns

First click on the client's appointment to surface the modal, click the 3 dots top right, and select Edit Booking:

This will then open the booking window and you are in "edit booking mode". 

Scroll down to the bottom to find the 'Date picker'

Select the date your client wants to come in:

The appointment will move to the day you have selected. If you it clashes with an existing booking then drag the appointment to a free slot.

Then click 'Save booking'

*Hiding stylists who are time off while rescheduling

Please be aware that if you are currently hiding stylists who have time off and you try to reschedule to another day when that stylist isn't working, the booking will be hidden as that stylist's column is out of view. 

So before you reschedule, it's best to select "Show All Stylists"

To learn more about editing appointments, including changing services and adjusting price or duration, click here

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