To view a receipt, simply go to Cash Up via the Menu and select the date that your client came in:

If you're not sure what date they came in, you can select "Date Range" and select last month or a custom range when they might have come in:

Scroll down to reveal your transaction log for that date period. Then just find your client's name and click "View Receipt":

Resending a client their receipt via email

To resend a receipt, simply open the client's profile by clicking on the booking, 3 dots, "view client profile" or using the search bar in the top right corner of your calendar:

Scroll down the client's profile until you come to the appointment for which they would like their receipt resent. Click "View Details":

Then simply press "Email receipt" and you'll be given the option to resend the receipt:

To learn more about printing receipts, click here

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